Youth Exchange “Read and discover yourself”, Turkey



Group of 8 young people between 14 and 17 years old participated in a project named  The project took place in Akcakoca, Turkey from 08.04-15.04. Through various activities like work in small groups, ice breakers, team building, creative workshops etc. they learned the value of book reading in their daily life. Increasing their knowledge of enriched libraries and the need of them in our modern society. Our week was marked with positive working atmosphere, amazing people from different countries , a lot of fun and many new things that we learned and we took back home with us as memories and motivation to do something better for our society.


Here are some experiences from some of our lovely participants

Nikolina (16) – well, I had the best time ever, unbelievable experience, I got many new friends. I feel more self-confident and now it’s much easier for me to speak in front of many people. While meeting so many new people with different opinions, I had chance to build my own opinion with no one’s influence on me. After this 7 days, I’m more aware of the value of reading books in my daily life. It enriches my vocabulary, my fantasy etc. I feel sorry that was so short, I miss each and every one I’ve met there and I hope we will stay in touch.


Antonio (16) – I met a lot of different people, connected and became friends. I’m sad that we had to go our own separate ways. I hope I’ll see them again. I already had a reading habit so this project taught me that what I do is good and it will benefit my future. I hope there will be more enriched libraries in my country because they seem more fun and I would like to spend my time there.


Snezana (15) – this project was big advantage for me first, I was so shy and in this project with the activities and people I’ve met I get more comfortable in public speaking. About the project, I learned a lot of things. I learned about colorful e-libraries. Since I heard about them, immediately I wanted one in my country. All the activities and workshops that we made about libraries and books, made me to want to read a lot more, to discover myself, to develop my fantasy and creativity. To all my friends, I’ll show and share the experience I gained in this project. I will inspire them to read more, because what’s the meaning of life if we don’t read books.


Elizabeta (16) – I had a great time in Akcakoca. I met new cultures, new people who became really close friends of mine even though we had just one week together. I wish we could stay a bit longer. About the project, I have been reading book before but not so often. This project inspired me to do that daily. All in all it was a magical experience that I won’t forget.



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