Youth Exchange -Entrepreneurship


Group of 6 young people from Association Humanost participated in a project named „Entrepreneurship“.  The project took place in Duzche, Turkey from 13.05-20.05.2017. Through various activities like work in small groups, alone , ice breakers, team building, creative workshops, debates, working in own business  idea I business plan  ,  etc. they learned the value of Entrepreneurship . Our week was marked with positive working atmosphere, amazing people from different countries , a lot of fun and many new things that we learned and we took back home with us as memories and motivation to do something better for our society I continue to work in dear own Entrepreneurship .

Nikolina Simjanoska

It was the best experience that somebody could have. I really liked the topic and the activities that we were having. I met new friends and got to know more about them. After this 7 days, I’m more aware of the subject about Entrepreneurship, I feel more confident, I got to work on my English speaking skills and got to improve them. I really liked the time spent there and I’m really sorry that it was so short.

Ognen Arevski

It was a great experience and a great opportunity for me to meet new people and share beautiful time with them. I improved my English and communication skills. After this one week that lasted like one day I learned about entrepreneurship, heard many business ideas and created one with my friend, which i am planning to develop in my country.

Ivana Pavlovska

It was very fun and educating at the same time. I met a lot of new people and gained new friends. I learned a lot about the Turkish culture and tried many of their traditional foods. I learned some words on Turkish and the experience was çok güzel.

Orhan Bilalli

Youth exchange program was something to remember for many years to come. Meeting people from different countries, sharing the knowledge and experiences with the rest of the team is a stepping stone building your own perceptions and personality. I look forward to participate in other similar programs because it’s really worth it.

Ivona Madjoska

Had the best time learning about entrepreneurship which will have an influence in my life. I met new friends and had a lot of fun. I gained more confidence. And I’m really sad that it’s over.

Arben Jakupi

It was a week that I will remember for the beautiful moments we spent together. I think that the brilliant experience we passed this week will help us to have a clear vision of Entrepreneurship. The most beautiful part was the friendship we created with friends who belong to different cultures and the words we learned in their own language.


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