Step-by-Step Action for Active Inclusion of Marginalized Group of People


In general, social exclusion refers to processes that prevent individuals, groups or communities from accessing the rights, opportunities and resources that are normally available to members of society; responsible for social exclusion are often structural forces, such as: laws, public policies, institutional practices, organizational behaviors, and prevailing ideologies, values and beliefs. The list of marginalized groups of people of social exclusion can be extended almost ad infinitude and it includes young and adults with disabilities, ethnic, sexual and religious minorities, homeless, youth, young offenders, refugees, migrants etc. The EU sees social inclusion as ‘a process which ensures that those at risk of poverty and social exclusion gain the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural life and to enjoy a standard of living and well-being that is considered normal in the society in which they live. The Step by Step project will bring together institutions from different European regions who are working with marginalized group of people ( young and adults with different tip of disability, refugees, migrants and ethnic group) in their pedagogical and/or artistic work with different means, and are interested to develop and exchange about complimentary artistic offerings (theater, photo, film, literature, dance, painting, music etc.). The aim is to improve the active inclusion of by providing artistic meet and exchange opportunities with the entire local community.
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