Социјално претприемништво Старт уп – “Social Entrepreneurship Start -Up” (SESU)

The overall project’s aim is to ensuring an entrepreneurial approach to solving social and environmental problems in the countries part of the project and to encourage and support the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs.

The learning objectives of this project are:

– To become inspired social entrepreneur or change-maker;

– To understand better the term “social entrepreneurship” and to raise knowledge and gain new experiences about it toward working with youth people;

– To start the process of creating social venture through gaining skills and knowledge for writing projects ideas and business plan;

– To gain skills and knowledge that will help to the participants to get access to labor market;

– To discover or understand better the social and environmental problems in their countries and to get to know the situation in other countries;

– To be inspired and motivated to bring changes at home and start to work for improvement.

The project results:

After this SESU training course, 20 participants are prepared to be become inspired social entrepreneurs , to develop there social entrepreneurship ideas in an innovative way in there country & with greater impact on social entrepreneurship development, get access to labor market, new partnerships and online platform for supporting of new social entrepreneurship ideas.

The training will be 6 days and 1 traveling day, with 20 participants from Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland. The venue will be in Ohrid.


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