Фокус група за одредување на Индекс за младински развој

YE- Pieces of Same Puzzle

Training course „Where ideas become projects” in Zakopane, Poland

Еразмус + “Ре СТАРТ проект”

Youth Exchange -Entrepreneurship

Youth Exchange “Read and discover yourself”, Turkey

Младински размени реализирани во периодот Мај- Декември 2016

– Bonzai (17.11-26.11.2016) Akcakoca Turkey

– Move Your Body (16.09-24.09.2016) Izmir, Turkey

– Reade for a Bright Future (03.09-10.09.2016) Karabuk, Turkey

– Effective Multicultural Team (26.08-03.09.2016) Akacoka, Turkey

– Lets Hag Each Other )1.08-07.08.2016) Akackoca, Turkey

– My Future )18.07-25.07.2016) Vidin, Bulgaria

-Somebody told Yoga (07.07-14.07.2016) Bolu, Turkey

– Right to be Me (25.06-06.07.2016) Helsinki, Finland


Младинска рамена „Размислувај без граници“/ Youth Exchange Think Big


За повеќе информации кликнете тука


Отворен повик за дополнителни 5 учесници на возраст од 17 до 25 години за младинска размоена во Јалова, Турција која ќе се одржи д 15 до 21 Април 2016. Повукиот е отоврен до 6 Април. Избраните учесници ќе бидат контактирани по е-маил. За потполнување на апликацијата кликнете на линкот подолу.



From 22 to 30 January 2016 in Akcakoca, Turkey is organized youth exchange Stop techno addiction.  Association Humanost was a partner organization, 3 countries (Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria), 42 participants, 3 leaders and 9 days activities resulted participants to gain new skills, learn about other cultures and traditions.

The objectives of the project:

The overall objective of the project is to enable the young to be informed about the harms of the technology addiction and to become conscious users and increase communicational skills.

Our specific objective is as follows:

To raise awareness in the young about the harms of social network sites.

To teach the young about their social responsibilities.

To increase the self confidence of the young and enable them to express themselves well.

To develop their communication with the families and other individuals.

To teach the harms of the technology addiction

To disseminate the good practices about the technology addiction

To teach the young the fact that how the technology will contribute to the personal skills of the young.

After completion of the youth exchange, here’s what they told our participants:

Jovana Dimushevska

The YE “Stop techno addiction“was very interesting for me. I found out new point of view for our usage and addiction of modern technology. Trough discussions, brainstorming, theater and drama, painting and a lot more games and activities I became more aware of the bad sides of modern technology. As much modern technology makes the life easier also makes us less communicative, socialized, creative or active. IN this training we had time to hang out with other participants from different counties, talk to each other face to face, even play with the snow. At the same time, my friends from my hometown were scrolling the news feed on Facebook. I can say, that I enjoyed a lot during this 8 days and I learned a lot about addiction. I know that in future I will use the technology more aware of it risks.

Goce Grozdanov

The youth exchange “Techno Addiction” happen to be a good opportunity to explore this important question of nowadays. My knowledge of the specific topic expanded into knowing the dangers and the possibilities of demise of being addicted to technology. Beside the activities on the topic, much of my in-formal learning was based on getting to know the culture and language of Turkey and the culture and language of the other participants, like those from Bulgaria.

Overall, I can say that I like this exchange and wish for many others to happen where people will connect and learn something more.

Ivana Pavlovska

On this exchange the goal that I set for myself was achieved with all the workshops and socializing with people from different countries and religion. I improved my English and my vocabulary and I learned words of Turkish and Bulgarian. Also I understand what it means to be addicted and what makes people get addicted to something or someone. I saw a part of Turkey and I was introduced to its culture and way of life.

Voislav Gruevski

The project that took place in Turkey had an effect on me, the way i am using my mobile phone. It had good team building activities which helped me a lot on getting to know the people from the other groups. The warm-up was good for getting us in the mood for working. Everything was well planned. Even the food was great. Especially big thanks for the first free day when we were too tired for a workshop. On this project i met a lot of great people.

I hope there will be another project like this in the near future.

Marija Sabotinovska

The exchange in Turkey was a wonderful experience for me. The workshop was well designed and tailored for young people, so that whimsically gained knowledge and experience from previous dependence on technology.

I think the theme is very current and takes worrying proportions worldwide, so it is good that discuss such topics. Also, coaches were excellent in their way of presenting the program. We met with different cultures and traditions gained new friends, tasted great food, learned new skills and ways to spend our leisure time, we have learned that the world works better when it is trapped in a cage of his own technology

Keti Shkeparovska

I am glad that i participated in this kind of project where i met kids from foreign countries, spend some time with them, get to know their way of living, culture, and i even learnt some Turkish and Bulgarian words. I learnt new things threw an interesting way (by singing, acting, playing games), now i know about the cons of technology, all types of addiction, etc. I enjoyed the debates- which improved my English, the games- that always made me laugh, and the morning dance that waked me up. It would be my pleasure to be a part of this kind of project again.

Krum Janevski

“Techno Addiction” was a great opportunity to become informed about the dangers of technology addiction. Explore and learn how it can harm us. The informal learning was perfect for this and exploring and learning the Turkish culture was an excellent experience.

This is my first exchange and it was one unforgettable and amazing experience by connecting with people and learning together. .