Youth Exchange -Entrepreneurship

Group of 6 young people from Association Humanost participated in a project named „Entrepreneurship“.  The project took place in Duzche, Turkey from 13.05-20.05.2017. Through various activities like work in small groups, alone , ice breakers, team building, creative workshops, debates, working in own business  idea I business plan  ,  etc. they learned the value of Entrepreneurship . Our week was marked with positive working atmosphere, amazing people from different countries , a lot of fun and many new things that we learned and we took back home with us as memories and motivation to do something better for our society I continue to work in dear own Entrepreneurship . Nikolina Simjanoska It was the best experience that somebody could have. I really liked the topic and the activities that we were having. I met new friends and got to know more about them. After this 7 days, I’m more aware … Continue reading Youth Exchange -Entrepreneurship